Oops... I pulled an eggshell out of my mini advance - did I start trouble for the other eggs?


7 Years
Jun 25, 2012
So my eggs have all pipped and I"ve been waiting and waiting and waiting..... of course as soon as I leave for 30 minutes, the first one hatches! Total cutie EE but just looked so cramped in there. I quickly lifted part of the lid and pulled the shell out. I do not have a hygrometer, so I have no idea what the humidity is now. I am worried I just made things a lot harder for the rest of them.... Should I lift the lid enough to moisten some of the paper towel in there or something.... or just leave it alone? How worried should I be right now? This is my very first time hatching. :idunno
All went well. Everyone made it! This is a great little incubator as far as its size and how quickly it restores temp/humidity when you need to lift the lid. Can't wait to hatch some more!! :)

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