Open Back Wound on Hen from Mounting Roos

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    Oct 28, 2008
    I have very large roosters that are very docile except when it comes to mounting some of my hens. The roosters are Light Brahma crosses and are very large. Hen in question is a Tetra Tint. Today I noticed that in addition to all of her back feathers being gone she has a very nasty open wound on her back/somewhat covered by her wing. This is obviously from the rough claws of the roosters when mounting.. I cleaned the wound and sprayed with some antiseptic/antibacterial spray. Separated her from flock and she was eating/drinking. Wound may have actually been there a couple days based on fact it was not actively seeping or bleeding. Almost had a crust/or scab forming. Wound area is size of a half dollar or more. This is the only hen that is taking the brunt of these guys.. they literally gang up to mount her sometimes two at a time I have seen. Anyone had luck with saddles (i.e. chickens' keeping them on) I am trying to rehome at least 2 of these guys.. unfortunate the damage they do despite them being so beautiful and friendly for roosters! Any other suggestions for wound care for her from this type of injury? Right now I am keeping wound tended but open, keeping her away from others, and in barn where it is warmer and making sure she has lots of food, water and treats (meal worms).
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    Clip your roo's toenails, that will reduce the damage, and an apron on that hen would be a good idea.

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