Open coop, too cold???

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    Feb 17, 2017
    Okay so this is where our chickens stay constantly unless we let them out to roam the field. As you can see it's very open, not enclosed like a lot of store bought coops. It is REALLY windy and cold tonight (22 f) you think our chickens will be okay? I'm really nervous they're going to freeze and feel so bad for them:(
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    I have a fairly open coop, probably more open than yours if I remove all the temporary weather panels I put up for the season. Your chickens won't freeze but they'll probably appreciate it if you do what you can to cover up some of the open areas (plywood would be ideal, otherwise additional tarps if that's available), if any winds/rains are blowing into the coop.

    You'll want to keep an eye out for frostbite particularly if your chickens have larger combs but as long as you leave some ventilation that shouldn't be a huge issue at 22F.
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