Open Top Incubator?

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    Sep 16, 2011
    I am wondering if I could use my coal stove as an incubator. I have a basket and if positioned at the right spot it stays exactly 100°F. I have it sitting behind the coal stove so that there is no temperature change. Do I need to cover the eggs or can the top of the basket be open?
    Do you think it will work?
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    Eggs need 2 things to hatch.
    Temp.... 100F
    Humidity..... this is debated a lot but under 40% humidity is rarely hatchable in a incubator. (I like to be between 50% and 70% myself but again this is a highly debated part of hatching. I believe it is vastly different for people who hatch mainly due to the climate they live in.)

    If that works in a open basket then go for it!
    I would try it first with some local cheap hatching eggs... mutts
    Hatch a couple batches to make adjustments as needed.
    Then get the eggs you want.

    I always throw in a couple local "homebrew" eggs as controls when I incubate eggs that were sent to me.
    This helps me to determine if it was the eggs/shipping or my incubator if I have problems.

    Hope this helps!

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