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  1. I'm getting the Hovabator 1588, but not an egg turner (I want to turn them myself). I'm assuming it's fine to open the incubator to turn them, right? So long as it doesn't take very long?

    Also, with the 1588, which is pre-set, does it change its humidity all by itself after 18 days, or do you need to adjust it? Thanks!
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    Yes you can open the bator to turn the eggs, but stop opening it when you stop turning on day 18.

    No it doesn't adjust the humidity. You have to add water and keep an eye on the humidity. [​IMG]
  3. Thank you!
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    Turning eggs is only fun for the first 2 days. Then it becomes a major pain.

    I love my 1588 but you do have to watch the humidity. Start it up and run it for awhile before you put eggs in it. It tells you to fill trough "C" with water. That worked great for my first hatch, but it's not working good for this one. Humidity is too high. I'm only filling one of the little extra troughs now and it's working really good.

    Get a good hygrometer too. Spend the extra money and get one from a cigar store, or the caliber III off ebay.
  5. Great to know, thanks!

    I'll only have a dozen eggs, so I'll be OK with it. [​IMG]
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  6. Does it make any noise? Can I set it up in my bedroom?
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    It has a hummm.
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    It's not too horrible without the turner, but it does make some noise
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    I am with LoneCowboy. I filled trough "C" per instructions also and the humidity was 65 - 70%. I ended up draining it, and filling the center square trough and now it stays perfectly at 45%
  10. Thanks for the info, I'll give mine a test run and see how the humidity is. [​IMG]

    ETA: How often do you have to fill the water? How long does it last in the trough?
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