opening the incubator during lockdown.


12 Years
Jun 18, 2010
I risked my hatch by opening the incubator during the second day of lockdown. I did this because it was overcrowded and the hatched chicks were pecking at the pipping ones. I moved my Brinsea to the bathroom, turned the hot water on in the shower and gave it about 10 minutes worth of steam. I opened the incubator and removed the chicks, and replaced the top to allow the others to hatch. It appeared to be successful. 9 of the 12 eggs hatched. There weren't any rubbery membranes. Has anyone else tried this?
Haven't tried it but good to know that it seemed to work! I was wondering what I was suppose to do if some hatched an dryed and were ready to come out while their siblings were still working on it! Everyone says leave them in there but it seems cruel to me when there are 2 huge brooders nearby waiting with food and water! I would do the same thing you did!
I have another hatch due today. If it's drawnout like this one was, I'll do it again and measure the humidity before opening the incubator.
I have done this before as well, had one hatch 24 hours before the rest even pipped so I got the chick out and still had a successful hatch.
Great! I felt a little guilty and irresponsible. My eggs were shipped so I didn't expect all the eggs to hatch. They were very dark and couldn't be candled. Thanks!

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