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Apr 8, 2022
North Carolina
Hi guys, I’d like your opinion on something. I recently bought a new bag of chick starter/grower and filled up the pvc feeders in the run for our pullets. However, one of them started laying eggs two days ago. Do you think it’s okay to let them eat through the starter/grower and then I can transition to the new layer feed or all stock feed? Or do I need to go ahead and start providing the new feed in addition to the existing one? Thanks!
I would keep them on starter/grower their whole lives. For the average everyday flock that is being kept for eggs, pets, and longevity, layer is not the right feed choice.
Layer has added calcium, which will damage the kidneys overtime if you plan on having old pet chickens. Hens who are molting, brooding, older, younger, over wintering, stressed, or not laying for one reason or another do not need the extra calcium in layer feed.
The best thing to do is to feed an All Flock, Starter, Grower, or Flock Raiser for the birds entire lives, and supplement with oyster shell on the side. The oyster shell provides calcium, and they will eat as much as they need. They wont over, or under eat it.

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