Opinions before I start cutting.

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    Apr 30, 2015
    Hello fellow bird brains, I'm currently in the process of building a cooler incubator and want some opinions. I was gonna do a false back to vent the hot air down the back but because of a error I recived 20 pc fans instead of 4 (2 were gonna be spares). Luckly the company made the mistake and not me so I only paid for my 4 and they said keep the rest. So now I have all these fans to play with I was thinking maybe change the design a little. Instead of a false back I was contemplating false sides with 2 fans on each side. So at the bottom the two would meet in the middle and mix the air more evenly than just blowing to the front. For temperature control I'll be using a pid controller that powers 2 100w ceramic heating bulbs(see pic). I'm also using a pic controller for humidity that will vent into the bottom chamber. 1521902128771464828498.jpg 15219022007681786761322.jpg

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