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13 Years
Mar 8, 2010
Mid-Coast Maine
Ok, so I need to rig a new 'Winter Water' setup for the coming winter...
For my first coop and 5 hens last year I used a heated pet bowl/dish... Worked great. I will be using this again but I will also need another setup because of the new (13) birds I have.
I am considering either a heated Poultry Waterer made by Miller, but the reviews are pretty bad, or a heated base and a galvanized waterer.
What would you do? I'm leaning toward the heated base setup....
I think that's the heated waterters that I use (Miller) but not completely sure - they are white plastic tops with red plastic bottoms, and the heat source is built right in. I absolutely love mine! I have several; the first one was difficult to get the top part back on after refilling, but they've made several improvements to it along the way, and the last one I purchased was quite easy to work with.
It depends on your setup. If it is all enclosed, you can do waterer cups hooked up to a bucket with a heater inside.
My answer may not be the norm

Since we don't always use a "Chicken Waterer" I have a kiddie pool that I use and in the winter I just drop a water tank heater into it. All it takes is an extension cord. I only use it when the days are below freezing otherwise I just break the ice in the morning and check on it about noon. That a way I am not plugged in all winter long. lol
I read of people complaining that they fill from the bottom and that it is difficult in the cold. This is originally what I had planned on getting until I read some bad reviews..

ETA: yes. The heated waterer from Miller... Thanks.
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