Opossum Attack

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    Two nights ago a opossum found his way into our coop and attacked one of our roosters. He was recovering from bumble foot and was doing well, until the attack. I took him from the coop, gave him a quick check and separated him. The next morning I gave him a closer exam and noticed a small cut on the back of his right leg. I put a little anti-biotic cream on it, gave him water with ACV, medicated feed and watched him for the day. He did well most of the day, but towards the end of the day I noticed he was having a hard time getting up. I looked at his wound and it appeared to be doing well. Today he cannot walk well at all. The toes on his right foot are curled and it appears he cannot open them. He has also started to loose his feathers between his legs, up to his tail. I am wondering if the cut was deep enough that it severed a tendon or muscle in his leg. I am at a loss.
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    It is possible deep tissue was severed or maybe the cut got infected internally, where it can't be seen. If it was caused by a bite, the possum's saliva may be enough to infect it. He may or may not fully recover... only time will tell. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. You seem to be doing everything right, just be sure to keep putting the ointment on the cut and maybe some peroxide, if you have any. Good luck!

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