Opposites DO attract


12 Years
Jun 21, 2007
It's obvious which hen my BJG roo prefers. My White Rock, Rosemary. Opposite colors! She has NO feathers on her head anymore. She's the only bald one. Is there anything I can put on her head to stop Jasper from pulling out her head feathers?

Please don't take offense, but the mental image is making me giggle. I know there are hen savers, shawls, aprons, saddles, what have you. One of my hens wore a shawl for four months. But I dunno where you can get Hen Bonnets.
Oh I know your pain! I had a rock cross roo last year (HUGE) that loved my Bantam Buff Brahma. She didn't seem to mind the fact that he flattened her to the ground at all, but she was so tiny and short the only place he could hold on was the back of her head. He was so sweet but he had to go to freezer camp due to crowing and our neighbors being bothered. Her head feathers are finally back in. I never even thought about a bonnet. Maybe you should go to the drawing table and invent one. It could be like those hawk hoods.

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