Oprington Vs Salmon Faverolles?


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6 Years
Aug 3, 2013
Which would father fairly non problematic chicks? Anything i should know about either?
Thanks:) looking for a new roo! ( he would be crossed with the 10 different breeds of my flock )
Thanks again haha :)
Two very friendly breeds you're considering! I've only ever had and interacted with buffs before, though I desperately want a faverolle.

I think both would create fairy friendly chicks and either are good option. Is there any particular size you'd prefer? Orpingtons are bigger chickens and would produce larger chicks. Faverolles are (arguably) more pleasant in coloring. So either is good for temperament, appearance is the next question.
I had 2 Orpington roos and a Dominique roo who free ranged in my vegetable garden and back yard. They got along great and the only problem I had with them was pecking my tomatoes. They loved it when I tilled up the soil.

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