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Apr 8, 2013
Hi Everyone,

I work on a farm with a few animals, and we've got this one poor female duck who gets way oversexed by the male ducks. We've tried to keep her separated, but she manages to get out of the pen or the other ducks manage to get in with her. The drakes are not interested in any of the other female ducks we have, just that one. Poor thing's neck is stripped bare!

We've been trying unsuccessfully to find someone who already has ducks to take her, and I've considered taking her home as I live on a different farm and my housemate keeps about a dozen chickens... so theoretically this duck would have space to sleep in the large coop (probably 10'x20', totally enclosed). We typically let the chickens free range during the day. I've been doing some reading, though, and it sounds like ducks do really poorly alone... would it be a terrible mistake for me to bring her home? I recognize that it's possible the chickens could beat up on her too and I'd of course keep her separated until she heals up... but part of me feels like it couldn't possibly be worse than how things are for her now. And if I chose to get a second duck to keep her company, how would/could that work?

Just looking for a little advice. I can keep searching for a home for her, too. I just worry that it'll be impossible to get other ducks to accept her, and that her little life will never get better. :(


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First, make it a priority to get her into a space that won't be breached. It will be a pain in the neck. And her life depends on it, if you ask me.

Second - Ducks do better with at least one other duck. That can take a little time but not always. There is the Rehoming Forum here, and the Where Am I Where Are You forum to find locals.

Could you tell us a general area where you are so that we would have an idea who might be able to help either by adopting, transporting, etc.?

If you can afford it Vetericyn spray, or if not, some saline solution, sprayed over her wounds will help. Vitamins, electrolytes also. But please - - - get her out of harm's way. An unbreakable mirror and stuffed toy will likely help her.


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Apr 8, 2013
I just discovered the rehoming forum! Didn't know it was here. I'll speak with her owner about posting on there-- I don't know much about her to give useful information except that I worry about her health! We're in NJ, somewhat close to Trenton (so central/west)

We have been cleaning her wounds and making sure they don't get infected. We also used Blue Kote on her as we have chickens here who range in the same area and were worried about them starting to pick at her too. I'll see if I can find a large cage somewhere to hold her in, would that work?

Thanks for the suggestions.


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May 8, 2011
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A large cage will work, just make sure she is out of site of the other ducks. That could stress her out even more. The situation for her will not be going away. She really needs to be removed from that group.

I have a female that was the drakes favorite. She has a mate that would try and protect her but he was getting worn out too. I would put her in the pen and she was very content. Only wanted to come out when her mate was close by but no other drakes.


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Jan 18, 2014
Yikes, that sounds horrid. I'm glad I only have a drake! I would definately rehome her since that situation isn't going to get better, that or get rid of some drakes (you only need one for every 6 hens).


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The same thing happened to me! I had two girls, and the boys would barely give one a second glance, and they wore the other one out. I'd divide their pen in half with a roll of fencing for a few days to give her a break - boys on one side, girls on the other - but then they figured out they could fly over (and sometimes she flew to them!), It got so bad at one point she'd lost a lot of her waterproofing and they had poked her in the eye, along with her neck being bald ans scabbed, so she just came in the house and lived in my bathroom for a while, lol. She hated it, and I would've much rather had the other girl with her, but I just couldn't handle two ducks' worth of poop in such a small room, haha. While she was recuperating, I permanently divided the pen in half with two rows of fencing, added another door, and another pool, etc., so everyone is happy now. They can still see each other, and sometimes they sit right next to each other on either side of the fence, but she is finally safe and almost totally healed. She is more active now too, not just standing in the corner - I can tell she feels a lot better.
Obviously the easier solution would've been to get rid of a boy or two, but I just don't trust many people to care for my critters like I do...they'd probably end up as someone's dinner :(

P.S. I've even left the "unappealing" girl alone with the three boys for a days at a time, and you can't even tell she's been mated...never a feather missing or anything. I don't know what on earth they don't like about her!


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Apr 25, 2017
I need help. I'm on a lake and have 10 male ducks that are really hurting the female.
They are wild but she kinda lets me get close.
I put her on the covered dock and she stays underneath the lawn chairs. She is with her male but he is exhausted too.
What can I do? She can't even find a place to nest bc the others bully her. I am feeding her and her mate premium duck food, I bought hay to make her a bed and I take fresh water out everyday.
He wing is screwed up and neck raw.
She a young little girl.
There is a "gang" of 3 males and one is all dark brown. These creeps bully all the other ducks.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm new to this
Thank you
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