order from meyer arrived! wow what a long day ..

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  1. jarvis

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    May 12, 2011
    their here !! of the 25 (one was doa ) [​IMG] i know there are 4 polish =p three cochins ( look blue!!! yay) and .. im not sure what alll else .. but some are bantams !! woohoo super good variety .. and the polishs have awesome crests !! [​IMG] yay !!!!

    ill post pics in a bit but VVV

    so yesterday i made the 5 week olds their own kennel coop .. put a tarp across the top .. for shade purposes ... well this morning .. upon recieving the newby babies .. its pouring in missouri ... i get home do a photo shoot .. and settle the chickys into the brooder in the shed .. give them their gro gel .. and some food .. .. walk outside .. to my horror .. the 5 week olds kennel coop thing .. well the rain on the tarp got tooo heavy .. and had collapsed on them !!!!!
    poor babies were soaked !! i gather them all (26 havent lost one yet of this group!) into a smaller cage take them all in the shed .. retrieved a blow dryer and a towel .. and hurried back out to warm up each chick .. .. i hand dryed .. 26 5 week old chicks.. =/ that most of them didnt apreciate ... lol .. some just layed there like they were sunning once they figured out it was warm and taking away the cold .. =p im leaving them up in the shed for the night .. till i can fix the coup .. and revise my tarp method ... so it dont hold water . but keeps the water off the chicks.. ugh .. long day tomorrow .. poor baby chicks .. rough day .. and arent happy about goin from a ten by ten coup to a small cage ... =/ i feel so bad about it .. [​IMG] thinkin i need to go get them some treats to win them back over .. lol
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    Aug 14, 2011
    South Texas
    Try a center pole to hold the tarp up. It lets the water flow down off the sides. It doesn't need to be more than a couple inches taller than the sides. I hope this helps [​IMG]

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