Order placed babies due 4/20!!


Dec 3, 2021

Recommendations vary from 1/2 square foot to 1 square foot per chick for the first 4 (or 6), weeks.

Then 1-2 square feet per chick for the next 4 (or 6), weeks.

Then about 2 square feet up to about 12 weeks.

Then, as they approach POL, the full 4 square feet like an adult.

Big is good -- as long as the chicks can find their food, their water, and their warm place. I divided my 4x8 brooder in half for the first week or two and found that the moment I let them into the full space they used it all.
Versatility is good!
Versatility is good!
Maybe 12 feet, that way it won't interfere with the 2 entry points, plenty of room for the toy box house when they don't need supplemented heat. And then can be split into 2 or 3 for medical bay/broody boxes. Hardware cloth sides, solid top or Hardware cloth top, tarp when necessary?

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