Ordered female ducklings realized I got a couple males


Apr 4, 2020
So I’m curious, I purchased 5 ducklings online from a hatchery. That was in August. Assuming they are all females, I didn’t pay much attention to their appearances. Recently, I noticed on my two blue swedish ducks a little green dot on its head, like what a mallard would have. I got to looking and one has a curled tail. They both sound like my male Pekins! Sure enough they are males! Just wondering if it’s normal when ordering for there to be mistakes.
If you pay for sexed birds, they guarantee 90% accuracy, which would be 1 bird out of 5, since you're talking whole numbers. They usually refund the price difference of the one extra male (e.g., if the male costs $4 and female costs $4.50, you'd get 50 cents back). I'd agree, the dead giveaway is the voice, in case they are molting out of their juvenile feathers by now, there will be a time during the molt when the drake feathers are missing.

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