Ordering eggs from BYC


10 Years
Jan 17, 2010
Umm im wanting a sertan kind of chicken that i can only fine in egg form on BYC and hatchery don't breed this kind of bird. But my quetion is has any one bought egg's from a back yard chickens member??? and had good luck with them ??? and do i trust them when im buying? i've never done this before so i was just asking?? and on all of them do you pay thought pay pal??/
Yes!! I have bought eggs from BYCers..in fact the only ones I will buy from..but bear in mind there are a lot of variable to be considered other than who you buy from and how they are packed..mine have been very well packaged but I have not always had a good hatch..problems being eggs being scrambled in transit and incubator problems.....this all being said..the sellers I have bought from have been super helpful in accomodating my needs such as accepting money orders rather than paypal and shipping when I need them...my recommendation..definitely buy from a BYCer!!!
I prefer to buy eggs from a BTCer when I can't find them local. If I can't find what I am looking for on BYC or they are out of my price range I will check Ebay sometimes. I have had pretty good luck both ways - but you have to keep in mind that buing shipped eggs is always a gamble. Sometimes, no matter how well they are packed, the PO can scramble them and you may not have a good hatch - NOT the sellers fault. I always check feedback first or try to deal with a seller I have purchased from before and had a good transaction - that is best. Good luck to you!
I sell and buy on BYC, that's the way I prefer it. You can usually find any breed you want from a BYCer, and are more likely to get way better service than from ebay or elsewhere. A lot of us have been members forever, so you know we aren't going to take your money and run. I take pride in knowing that I have searched and found the best stock to raise and therefore provide hatching eggs from.
I've recently (past 2 months) had excellent experiences. Initially my aprehensions were similar to yours. The good ones are easy to spot if you follow their threads and comments. Just look up their profile and browse the history of participation. As mentioned above, look at the feedback from the seller. It will save you a lot of headaches. If by chance they don't have any feedback, send them a question and see what the response is. On the most part, 98%, the members are the real deal. You have to filter out the ones who are not, but then, the other members will probably call them out before they get a chance to do much damage.

As it relates to Paypal. If something goes wrong you have recourse, which means if you document the process in a reasonable fashion you can get your money back.

So, good luck. Give it a shot. It's a wonderful forum.
I have eggs in the bator now from BYC'ers! I candled them for the first time last night and only lost 1 so far. I have another batch that I just got yesterday, not a single one broken and plenty of extras sent! No more ebay eggs for me!

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