Ordering replacement chicks ... what to get?


9 Years
Feb 9, 2010
Greer, SC
I'm going to call in my order today and wanted ideas on what chicks to get.

I'm looking for fun, pretty, friendly. Egg-laying not necessarily a big requirement.

I want Salmon Fav's, but it's a long time for them to ship.

I'm considering Sultans, Golden Polish, Buff Cochins, Light Brahma, Lakenvelders and Spanish White Faced.

Any others??
Never had any of those, but my Black Australorp is very friendly and my Golden Laced Wyandotte is very docile, she doesn't like to be picked up
but she will accept some petting lol.

Sometimes a breed that is said to be friendly isn't always. I had a buff orp that I thought was going to be so nice...I didn't like her at all and she didn't like me. She was noisy, she did OK after starting to lay, but when they got put outside she did not like being picked up, made it difficult to put her away in the coop sometimes.
Oh, a polish might be skiddish since they can't see well...but again, it will depend.
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Like most will tell you, results may vary. Lol.

The few Sultan I have met were pure evil. PURE EVIL!

Polish are funny little birds, I met a few of those too. The few I met were very quirky but social with humans.
All I can say really is they seem to be curious birds who remind me of tweedle dee and tweedle dum.
Fun as hell though, they loved treats, shoulder rides and handled considerably well but overall they have the attention span of a fish so you can't hold them too long.
Again though, results may vary.

Never owned a Brahma, but I really would like too because of the hype about them. They seem like nice fattens to be luggin around.
YAY!! Hopefully if I got my order in on time, I have the following coming Monday:

3 Golden Lace Wyandottes pullets
3 Partridge Cochins pullets
2 Golden Campines pullets

3 Light Brahma pullets
3 EE pullets

Since I lost half my original order, the replacement shipping is free, so I got all these beauties for $34.25

That all are available to ship on the 8th!!!!

Good luck with your new order!
I was so sorry to hear about the ones you lost.

I must have picked the hardest order to fill from MPC. I ordered 1/28/2010 (first day they were taking orders on-line) and won't get my chicks till April 12th.
And all you good folks on the forum have had to hear me whine for too long.

You did good!

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