Orders for Show Quality Langshan Eggs


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Jan 4, 2009
Claremore, OK
These eggs will be sold in 12+ form and I wrap VERY well!

Hello! Rather than have to wait until last minute (again), I would like to get a buyer BEFORE the eggs need to be shipped out.

I have parent stock of the eggs that are all show quality. The eggs will be either from my blue Langshan pullet or my black Langshan pullet and they should be ready to be shipped in 6 days. (Only two are laying right now.)

I would like to get at least $10.00 for the eggs, but do not want to put the auction in the BST area as I believe it would cause issues for those who need to sell their eggs immediately.

Shipping is $14.00 for the cost of materials and handling Priority mail.

Here are photos of the breeder birds from which you would be receiving your eggs:

Blue Pullet:

Black Pullet:

Black Cockerel:



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Apr 22, 2008
upstate SC
Ah, geez! I just adore your Langshans!
Are they still available?
We spoke on the Langshans list and every time I see the photos of your hens I fall more in love. I hate hatching this late in the year but I have chicks I am raising anyhow so I might as well put more eggs in the incubator.
You can PM me the details or email me on the Langshans list. I really am in love with your bloodlines.

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