Organic feed

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9 Years
Aug 22, 2010
What brand do you use and what does it cost per hundred pounds?

I have had very little luck finding organic feed. I would like to have my feed to be GMO free, and basically only organic is the only way to accomplish that.

We make Certified Organic Corn and Soy Free Poultry Feeds, (Cascade Feed by Magill Ranch). We make a Layer, Grower and Starter Mash and we use all whole grains. We have a couple of feed stores that carry our feed in Oregon if you live here, if not you can buy thru if you live in the 22 westerns states. I believe Azure sells it for $27.99 / 50 lb bag, with free delivery if you are part of a qualifying shipping point. I hope this helps.
If you can find grains such as field peas, wheat, oats, flax, millet, Black oil sunflower, alfalfa.. You could mix your own non-organic and GMO free feed.

However it is a major effort, and unless you are near to a region that plants these things they may not be locally available.

You are correct a organic feed will be GMO free. Organic corn and soy are GMO free in organic certified feed.


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