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HI all! Hope everyone is doing well!!
I know there have been a few posts on feeding for keets already.... But I had a question about Organic Feed for the babies
I plan on going the organic route, seeing as I do that with all of my other critters. This is the first time I'll be hatching and raising little keets so I was wondering what opinions there were on the feed regimen. What would be the best brand? I know I'd start with crumble. Also, would supplements/ other nutrients be alright for them? And if so what would be best? I've already read up on EVERYTHING and have experience with other birdies but have never raised game birds and figured I'd ask you all on your thoughts/ and or experience

Thanks so much!!!


While I am not a seasoned expert with Keets. I raised up forty this summer. The youngest group being around two months now. I used Purena Gamebird Startina it runs 30 percent protein. And I believe its organic. The higher protien you can get them on in the beginning the better. They Grow FAST faster than chicks. By the time mine were about two to three weeks old they could fly over my head. As far as treats Watermelon right off. But even though Startena is pretty complete it does not have grit in it. If you were to feed lettuce or greens of some sort it would be a good idea to provide baby grit or small particled grit.

Many people also feed scrambled egg Scrambled dry ""so it doesn't clog nose holes"" LOL. Then put in a cup to mold it into a mound. Sprinkle the top with Feed and once they figure out what it is watch out.

I also want to later on add a ten percent ration of Mazuri Gamebird. This was developed for zoos and while can be rather expensive it acts like a supplement when mixed with what ever rations you are feeding. I am hearing good things about it. It is also made by Purena. The Mazuri gamebird ration is developed specifically for birds that are more into eating bugs. I am fortunate that my feed store Carries many Mazuri exotic feeds and when I am ready they will add the gamebird to their usual order. There are several exotic animal rescues/breeders here in San Diego because of the Zoos.

But for what its worth the best feed is the feed you have access to you regionally. I know with horses that is very true. I am speaking from Southern California in San Diego County. Feed choices here are limited because there are no local feed mills. The farming here is mostly crops. If say you were in the middle of Indianna or Iowa or Pennsylvania you would have sooo many different choices. So the best thing to do is read lables ask local questions (though not too many people know much about Guineas) you will find out which feed is reputable and comes to you clean and mixed as it should be.

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Awe Thank you soo very much for all of your input!!!
It's very informative and helpful. Yeah, unfortunately there are not a ton of people in this area that have a lot of guineas.....
I'm in Hampton Roads... I know with the horses I have to special order the stuff I use...or head further west to Suffolk/Isle of Wight area which I don't mind...but still.....
Boo ...... I'm jealous of those around areas with much more choices hahaha

I know they grow quickly so I've made sure I have everything all SET before those baby eggs get here
Soo excited!

Thanks again:hugs

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