Organic Quail Feed


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6 Years
Nov 19, 2013
Can anyone suggest an Organic quail feed that has 23% protein or higher OR If im using an Organic starter/grower at 21% can you suggest a protein supplement ? I have been giving them meal worms, im just not sure how much I should be feeding so i feel like im being conservative. I have 7 females that I will be both incubating and selling the eggs from so i want to encourage egg production but naturally and with organic feed.
Thanks for any help you can give :)
2-3 large meal worms per adult bird per day.

Hard boiled eggs mashed up in the feed is a good way to supplement protein. Honestly 21% is sufficient for normal growth and laying. If you are feeding anything that doesn't dissolve in water, they also need digestive grit (not oyster shell). Packaged poultry crumbles are water soluble but almost nothing else you feed them is.

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