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    I have been having issues with cocci, everyone has been eating the medicated chick starter and been drinking vitamin water. I have lost one so far and right now have two no doing so well, but everyone else is doing better after I started them on organic treatments. I did some research on organic feed and found a cocci feed recipe. I started out with what I had, which was organic milk, and added the organic apple cider vinegar -2 TBS per gallon of water, must be given in plastic or glass absolutely not in galvanized waterers. The bloody poops have stopped. The two that were hit really hard are doing a little better too. I went to Whole Foods this morning and mixed organic cornmeal, organic out groats, organic wheat bran, and organic dried milk. The sickest one started eating the organic mix after we had been basically spoon feeding her milk and water yesterday and this morning. Here is the link to the recipe
    just tried half the recipe since the ingredients are a little expensive, but it seems to be working. I am hoping my sickest two will make it now as everyone else seems healthy again and no one has any blood in their poops, only getting runny poop from the two sickest that have pretty much been on a liquid diet.
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    Milk products, particularly raw milk, have been used to combat cocci for a long time. I used the recipe myself when I was not ready to put mine on yet another round of Sulmet and couldn't afford to buy Corid. I often mix chick starter with about 1/4 nonfat powdered milk as their feed when I'm battling cocci. Seems to help alot. Here is a link that mentions that:
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    Get some powdered milk and sprinkle it on top of their feed. It will help because it changes the ph in their intestines and is healing.
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    So, Like just milk replacer would work?

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