Organic Specs?


8 Years
Dec 7, 2011
I know that this topic has been totally discussed to death, but I really want to get some fresh responses. My hens will have their coop and around 600 sq. feet of yard for them to roam. I feed them chick starter (they are 7 weeks old) from my local feed store, grass clippings and occasional bugs when they can find them this time of year, and fresh water with ACV in every bucket. My friend located us some of the Bragg's with mother so I'll start that when my current bottle of ACV is gone. Now, how do I go about turning my set-up into a total organic setup? Not that I am wanting to be officially certified, but I want to know that I have done my best to make everything organic. I have read on other posts that the organic eggs taste best and are best for us. I know the BY chicken egg is more nutritious than the basic store-bought egg, but is it possible to get a more nutritious egg than the BY chicken by turning the whole setup organic? If so - HOW? Help me out please!! Thanks much
Do you feed them organic chicken starter feed? That might be one place to start
We don't use any pesticides or non organic fertilizer for our garden. And we don't use anything on our grass (read weeds
), but then our peeps love dandelions.

There are other organic products available - such as VermX for worming, organic oyster shells, organic DE. Also, if you have a local chicken group, get together with them and find out what they do. Good luck.

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