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    Ok here is my problem situation. Dh's boss had chicken hatch eggs about 3 days ago well they got in with the goats and his/her sisters/brothers were killed.dh rescued "elizabeth" from the dogs mouth. Oh have her in the brooder with a stuffed animal. Should i leave her be or bring one of the 5wk old chicks in or try and find her a friend. If i do get her a friend i will have to get 2 friends incase she turns into a he. I have like 30 something eggs hatching in two weeks. This is my first time hatching so i dont even know if any will hatch. So any advice?
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    It would be better if you can get another chick or 2 that is close to her age, so she'll have some friends to grow up with. Best of luck with your hatch!
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    I came to this conclusion last night. Im not exactly sure when she stopped chirping but it was some times after midnight. Checking local feed store today to see what ages they have and what breeds thinking I'll get more ee's

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