Orphaned baby chicken help!


6 Years
Sep 16, 2013
Newcastle Australia
We are currently looking after neighbors Chickens and some babies have hatched this morning , mum has killed one and pecked at another so we removed the one still alive! One question is what do I do to keep him alive? I have him on a heat pack (not too hot) with his bedding on top to keep him warm! ... His eyes won't open tho they look stuck shut? Anything you can do... Not sure if they are meant to be open or not he was only born last night or this morning
Newly hatched chicks will need to be kept warm. 95 degrees, the chick will peep if it is not happy. You may need to gently dip the beak in water if you want it to learn how to drink. I would keep it in a big plastic tub with a heat lamp well above not touching bin obviously but depending on the temp you need you may need to lower or raise the lamp. A lone chick might want a fluffy stuffed animal to cuddle with or a fluffy towel. They need chick feed. temperature and hydration are very important at this stage and of course food - you can feed it scrambled eggs that are cooler and broken down into little tiny pieces. Upon hatching they can go 3 days without food and water but I would not push it. Momma may even re accept the chick but chickens are not the brightest and some chicks learn to hide under momma's feathers. Sometimes they peck at the egg to help hatch and sometimes they have no clue and can be aggressive towards chicks.

Hope that helps

Chicks eyes should open. Chickens are more like T-rex than mammals and they are able to do quite a lot in the early moments after hatching and once they are dry.

I use sand in my brooder, I have a friend who uses cat litter made from crushed walnut shells or you can use pine shavings - Not cedar - bad for chicks.

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