Orphaned Puppies - have any experience?


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Tomorrow we are heading over the mountains to my aunt's to pick up a litter of orphaned Chihuahua puppies. The information i have is that they're 5 wks old and starving, that's about it. There's also 4(or maybe 5) pups in the litter. She sent me a picture by text and one in particular looks poorly as far as coat condition and possibly body condition but the others looked OK in the picture.

I have e-mailed and posted on CL about raw goat's milk for them, figured that would be the best option, but i have had No luck. My calves were recently weaned and I do have some milk replacer left(non-medicated) and i was checking online about using that but there's mixed responses. Considering their age I was thinking about trying some puppy mash but if i feel like the would benefit from the extra nutrition in the replacer i will add a small amount to their food and see how they do.

This is my first litter of orphaned puppies, i have had kittens before but either had a nurse mom or kitten formula to take care of them. Hoping some others here have some good tips or info for me.

of course i will post a picture after i get them home tomorrow!
I have NO experience with this, but just googled and got this homemade milk replacer recipe for orphaned dogs if your vet does not have milk replacer: For the homemade recipe, mix one-half cup of evaporated milk with one cup of boiling water, one teaspoon of corn oil or Karo syrup, one drop of pediatric multivitamin, two raw egg yolks and one tablespoon of whole plain yogurt. Heat to room temperature. If you don't want to use evaporated milk, substitute goat's milk and cut out the water.

Read more: How to Make Puppy Milk Replacer | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5465904_make-puppy-milk-replacer.html#ixzz2CRhKhXBB
By five weeks they are probably old enough to eat normal dog food. I got a dog at that age, and my most recent I got at 4 weeks old. There are a few options you can choose from. If you want to get milk, go to walmart. There is a powdered formula you can purchase there, and you just mix with water. It cost $10 but will last the whole litter awhile. Do not give a dog cows milk, it is not good for them... You can also just buy wet dog food for now as well. Or you can use regular dog kibble and get it wet with water to moisten it up... Since they were starved, I would get the milk to help give them some nutrition they are missing from being away from the mom. I did this with my pup, he was taken away from his mom at two weeks, and starved till I got him. I gave him free access to water, and fed him one part kibble in the morning, then I would wait half an hour or so and give him some milk. I did the same for dinner, and offered him only milk as a "lunch." He quickly gained his weight back. Hope this helped, and good luck with your pups!
Sorry i forgot to update guys. The pups were not actually starving... apparently my aunt's boss thought that would get her to take them & us over there right away, and it did but still...
. They're fat and healthy. i was soaking their food to start with but then they got into the dry food and were eating it fine so they've had it dry since.

They're doing really good on potty training and they're getting crate trained now too. my little chihuahua likes them unless i am holding on then it's not so okay, lol. There was a tiny runty one that still had a soft spot but he found a home right away and i have a home set up for another but still working on finding the right homes for the last two. (big boy on left & blonde girl)

my favorite one... she has a home set up already, her new 'momma' will probably be coming by this weekend to pick her up.


Five years ago I saved a Chihuahua pup from the middle of a busy boulevard. At five weeks they can eat puppy chow, or soft dog food. I named him Del after Del Taco, but most of the time we call him Delbert. He sleeps at my feet every night. he is the best dog that I have ever had. He has his shots, chipped, and fixed....
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