Orpington Breeders


12 Years
Nov 30, 2007
San Martin, Ca
I am thinking about getting some orpington eggs for hatching this spring. A few years ago I had one female and one male BO. I re-homed the male which I regret and the female became egg bound so we had to put her down. I really miss them and wanted to get some more. I'm possibly looking to get buffs. But what other colors do they come in and are accepted by the Orpington organization? If you are a breeder and have a website please let me know what your website is. As well as the cost of eggs and shipping. I'd like to find a breeder that is close to Ca. or in Ca. for that matter.

Hi, you should check out the United Orpington Club website, www.unitedorpingtonclub.com

Several recognized colors and lots of projects as well as beautiful UK orps here now.
There are several breeders in your neck of the woods, try Korfus Kluckers in WA.

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