Orpington Chicks (2) SOLD Pending Pickup/ For Sale in N. GA mtns

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Hatched May 31, one black and one blue Orp chick with my broody. (The BR chick is staying, though she's in the pic) Asking $8 for the both together (usually they sell for $5 ea). Sex is yet to be determined. Pickup/Cash only.


Sold to HappyMtn pending pickup.
There will be more later on, I'm sure. If you want to incubate some, I'm collecting BBS Orp eggs and will sell the doz for just $5, picked up (no summer shipping)
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They are still available for the moment, yes. The zip is 30559. I believe we are about 92 miles or so from Pikeville, Happymtn. I used to go through there all the time when we owned land in Fentress county.
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Are you available Tuesday? I can make the trip then- it's about 2 hr & 20 minutes. PM me with details. Yay! So excited! Did you want a few cochin banties (free) have some 3 weeks, and some hatching as we speak.
Thanks, yes, we're available Tuesday so have PM'd directions.

(No, no room for anymore chicks, thanks, even if I did buy started birds. Appreciate the offer, though.)
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