our chickens came to get us!! they were locked out


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Nov 1, 2009
I feel so bad, but I am in awe too! they free range all day, it was raining out. Myself or my son went out to the coop to check in after eggs and maybe one of us closed the door to the coop that afternoon? In any case, the sun went down and we ( my family and I) were all in the kitchen when a chicken flew up at our back door twice. My husband looked out and all 8 were there looking at us. He went out and discovered that the coop was closed. I wonder if they drew straws and made the youngest hen come get us. It was our Golden Laced Wyandotte. I got a chuckle after they were all safe and sound. How cool and funny is that? They knew where to find us and come tell us to help them!!!!
That's neat. Just goes to show you that chickens aren't as dumb as some people think.
That is just amazing, I'm glad they did come to you. Just think of all the horrible things that could happen to them in the dark, especially with Halloween right around the corner!!! Boo!
Mona, you might be a chicken behavioral expert in the making! Mine have sought the safety of my LGDs in the past, and he has gone get more than one screaming lost juvenile and carried it back to the barn, but ive never had mine come tell me themselves that i didnt lock up correctly!

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