Our coop - its done!

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Apr 15, 2012
Pembroke NH
We are new chicken owners and after hours of deliberation (and by that I mean days, weeks even...) we decided on the below coop. Its 8x12, withthe coop part 8x6

we built the walls and painted them first - Cousin David getting ready for a fun filled day!

Walls up, and roof rafters started

Dave putting the roof on, and my uncle putting the sides of the coop on ( notice I am only taking pictures...)

siding up, holes for window cut and the nesting boxes attached

few minor things left, but here is the finished coop. the door on the far right is a storage area about 2x2, blocked off with walls, and chicken wire. you can see it in one of the inside pictures below

doors swing open for easy access, we added a lip so the shavings don't come flying out everytime we open the doors - Thats my dog sadie, thinking she is gettting a new place to play in.

view inside - we painted everthing to make it easy to clean. see the storage area on the right side.. i put the food, and other things in that spot, left it open on top so the ventilation from the back would go through.

two more access doors inside the run for when it really needs to be cleaned out

nesting boxes... still need paint and i am going to line the inside with linoleum

I love it and so do my chicks!

cant wait for the eggs!
thanks for looking.....


Dances with Chickens
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Feb 24, 2009
Strasburg Ohio
Fantastic coop! What a talented carpenter! I bet your chickens will love that...Um.....I'm a little jealous! I believe I've got coop envy! LOL

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