Our First Butchered Chicken- A Story and Pictures! (Graphic)

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  1. bluey

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    Stacey and I processed our first chicken a few weeks ago. We had 2 extra young roosters, so we thought we'd try our hand at producing our own roaster. Our largest Buff Orpington rooster provided dinner with our girls!

    I spared you guys any real graphic photos. Overall, It went very well and we are excited to taste the fruits of our labors. Plucking turned out to be extremely simple after dipping the chicken in 150 degree water a few quick dunks. Eviscerating it turned out to be rather simple as well.

    Since our birds truly free range, there's a chance the meat won't be as tender as caged birds, but worse comes to worse, we just make soup in the future. I'm just glad to have the chickens and enjoy them having free reign on the property. They are very relaxing to watch and the eggs the hens provide are the best! Now, if the rooster roast turns out to be a winner, I think we'll have full utilization of a chicken flock and teach our children a good lesson in providing the simpler basics of life for ourselves.

    I'll update with pictures of dinner with the girls! Here are the processing pictures!


    UPDATE: We enjoyed our first free ranged chicken meal. The chicken was extremely tender and tasty. We all agree that the chicken tasted as good or better than any chicken we've ever had. I was very pleasantly surprised after hearing many stories about tough and less than tasty home butchered birds.

    Our bird, a 25 week old Buff Orpington rooster tasted absolutely wonderful. I can't say enough also about our family making another small step towards our ability to live self sufficiently.

    The girls raved about the flavor. Even Jackie, our youngest daughter, who had initial reservations about eating a bird we raised, helped pick the bird clean. I think she liked it the best.

    Special thanks to Stacey and Austin, who helped prepare such a wonderful meal and thanks to Buffy, the rooster, who lived 25 weeks as a "cage free" free range bird for providing the tasty entree. Even though butchering your own food sounds unpleasant, it's nice to know that one less bird in the world had to be caged to provide our family of six with a meal.

    We plan on continuing to raise a few birds next year as well, hens for eggs and roos for meat.

    Here are the pictures of our homegrown chicken dinner!

  2. BirdMom

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    Mar 15, 2009
    You can't beat the flavor of a home-raised bird! We look forward to extra roos because then they become dinner. [​IMG] And a really nice feeling to not be supporting the industry that squishes all the birds into tiny areas and they never have a chance to enjoy life at all.
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    I cannot say that I'm ready to process chickens like you have done, but I'm very proud of you for doing so. I plucked 100s of chickens when I was a kid, and Sunday chicken dinner was the best part of our week.
  4. redhen

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    Good job Bluey!! [​IMG]

    Youre giving me the courage to try this on my 2 extra roo's too...
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    Good job.
  6. redhen

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    Is there special i need to do before we do this? What if he has worms? I dont think they do..but..ya never know.. [​IMG]
  7. halo

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    Great pictures and what a beautiful family you have! When you butchered your roo, how long did you let him sit? Did you freeze and then cook?
  8. Brunty_Farms

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    Apr 29, 2007
    Oh man you got 4 of your daughters to eat the rooster? My sister is 17 and she has never ate one of my birds that I have raised.

    Your going to have your hands full in about four years with all of those girls!! My sister is a Senior in High School and she is a handful... I couldn't imagine 3 more... I'm so glad I live 40 minutes away and I'm only accessable through phone!

    Good job... and good luck!!
  9. mxpres

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    Jan 21, 2009
    good job [​IMG]
  10. epona4

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    Did you eat him the same day or did you let him sit over night? If overnight, did you do anything special to it?

    I have several roos out back and I'm itching to process a couple of them. DH wants to wait and take them all to an Amish family. I'd like to try a side by side comparison of a Buckeye and a Sussex to see if we notice a difference.

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