Our FIRST chickens!

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    You know how it is. We're all excited about our first farm additions (we got the Pitts before actually moving onto our lil farm). There is Goldie the Brahma, and the "chicken", a Java, black mottled. Lee says we shouldn't name animals we're gonna eat. He says it's harder to do the do when it's time if they have a name. I think that'll be more for the children 'cause I'm all about our mission which is to be self sufficient and not have to sojourn to the grocery store and other places too often.


    I think the seller told us the Java is five months old (soon to be laying).



    Dang it, I forgot how old the seller told us Goldie is. He's young I do recall that. It'll be some months before he's mature. Plus, I hear Brahmas are slow to mature and do so at like eight months.

    They may not be show birds and all that stuff; but we're glad to have them.
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    Aww congrats. I'm sure ur excited

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