Our first Chicks!!!

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Mar 4, 2010
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Well... the wife was out of the house at our DS 6th grade math competition (his team took first, thank you very much!! And no, I am NOT smarter than THAT 6th grader!!! LOL)

So, I decided to make a little call to our local feed store. They had 12 RIR chicks left (locally hatched) and a new brood full of Black Sexlinks. So, I loaded up the mommy missle (aka mini van) and beat feet to the store. The babies firmly secured in a double stroller, and the 3 YO DD on my heals, we checked em ALL out. We came home with 4 RIR Pullets and 2 Black Sexlink Pullets. They are also getting Australorps in at the end of the month, so we may round our number up to 8 by April!!

Here they are settling into the brood box..

Girls are looking right at home!!

Our 3YO DD holding "Chicky"...

We are holding them often, and letting them run around a bit so they imprint on us. The RIR's are 10 days old and the Sexlinks are 3 days old. Thats a little older than I really wanted to get, but I would rather buy locally from somebody i trust!

So, we now have chicks, and are off and running!!

Next, Coop!!! I have a weekend off coming up, so we'll see how much I can get done then!
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