Our first egg, the blowing out of

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    Jun 19, 2008
    For those of you around yesterday, you probably remember me gushing about our little EE's first egg.

    We wanted to keep it, so we decided to blow it out. I followed the directions on this site: How to blow out eggs I used to Dremel, which worked remarkably well (on a low-speed and very slowly). I then tried to blow out the egg with my own pair of lips. I wasn't very successful, and then I remembered I hadn't washed the egg, so I took a five-minute break for an appointment with some Listerine.

    What worked extremely well with the bulb of a turkey-baster. I rinsed out the egg and then put it in the oven for 10 minutes like the instructions said. I highly recommend this method as it was easy and quick. I did notice, however, some tiny little hairline cracks on the end that the contents came out of. I was wondering if I should use a thin layer of glue, and if so, what kind. Any thoughts? I'd hate for it not to dry clear or for it to leave some kind of shine on one end of the egg. Has anyone ever tried to use some kind of polyurethane or similar product to make the egg even sturdier?
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    Never tried it but maybe you can get some glue into the hole so it is in the inside of the egg.

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