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Hi! I'm a super chicken newbie, and I recently discovered we had 2 RIR Roosters instead of a hen and a roo as we had intended. I found a new home for one roo, and gave the other some time to rest after being bullied by the bigger rooster. I kept the one my son raised from a chick. Today we went to a farm and bought 2 hens to keep him company.

One of the hens will be called Betsy, and the other doesn't have a name yet. That's what happens when you let a 7-year-old be in charge of names.
Buster is our silly roo.



Congrats! They are adorable and I'm sure you will have a great time with them, and your son sure will! I have an 8 yr old boy and he LOVES his chickens. BTW, we keep a large paint bucket outside the run door, and he brings it in to sit on when he wants to be in there with the chickens, and then takes it back out when he does. Keeps him from sitting in poo on the ground in the run.....
Thank you! We don't have a run yet, just the coop, but my son takes a camp chair out ther and sits with them. I'm wanting to make the dog pen into a run because we have a new underground fence, but the dog isn't quite used to it yet.
"buster" is a catch-all name.

My story:

We bought 2 kittens for our kids to celebrate birthdays.
When the kittens arrived they were greeted, welcomed then whisked to a clinic to be fixed and get shots.

I had to fill out the papers for the cats, and they didn't have names. Right at the top of the form, "Pets name:___"

Well I forthwith named one Buster and the other I can't remember and the family changed it to Pumpkin. But the name Buster stuck.
Hahaha, about the same thing happened with our dog. He was a free puppy and when we got him home I immediately noticed he had worms and tons of seed ticks. So I took him to the Vet the next day and had to fill in a name, which we had not given him yet. I just put "nameless" and they called him that for months afterward, even though my son had named him Chewy. Oh, and just because- I have to mention that Chewy weighed all of 4 pounds at that Vet visit (7 weeks old). The Vet said he was a Blue Heeler and would weigh about 30 lbsfull grown. Chewy is now a little over a year old and weighs 55lbs. He's an awesome dog, doesn't bother the chickens at all.
LOL - I got to name 2 of my chickens - One was named Naughty & the other Nice (old webname joke of mine)

Well - Naughty ended up being a roo... so I am always asking 'hows my naughty boy" and "hows mynice lil girl"

My daughter named the others - we ended up with 2 girls - named Elmo & Zoe... Elmo is a very friendly girl who knows her name quite well

She also named the other 2 - Hannah & Montana... with Montana growing to be a gorgeous Roo. Unfortunately, Hannah flew over the fence and became dinner for neighbors dogs (banty) - but my now 4 year old just started calling the roo Hannah Montana.... He answers to it.... althought I think both roos think thier name is NO

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