Our first lamb (born here!)

hazelton farms

12 Years
Jan 4, 2008
The other day we got a pregnant ewe. I do mean just the other day, as in last Wed. Today, while we were at a sale organized by NCP2, my son called on the cell phone and said my ewe now had a lil' chocolate colored critter following it around! She wasn't due until April 10-15 sometime! OOPS! Geez, we'd never even HAD a lamb yet, let alone here we went being absent for it.

Everything went well though. We now have a new lil' boy, mom's protecting it and feeding it and doing all that 'mom' stuff...

Kinda neat! I'll have to get some pics up tomorrow!

that is so cool! its like getting guppies, isn't it?
LOL.. yeah..big fuzzy guppies! I hope it'll be ok outside in the pen... Well, the covered, 'stall' basically. But it turned cold, windy and rainy so quickly. We're trying to figure out if we should try and put him and mama into the chicken barn (really NOT a good spot, but maybe better?)

Congratulations on the new arrival!

If your covered stall provides protection from the wind and wet weather I would think they would be okay in there. If it gets real cold you may want to move them in especially since he arrived early and may not be completely fuzzed out.
Finally got a picture!! S'cuse the waterer... My daughter was using it to sit on to pet the lamb and left it there.



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