Our First Little Genetics Project


Mar 27, 2018
I'm hatching my first clutch of eggs due out of the eggs September 5th.

Blue dot and Red dot eggs are from my BSL Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red cross hens, Sharkie and Rexy. The 3 Sharkie chicks I'm hoping will be black like mom and develop her signature purple sheen, assuming their daddy is Jazz, our Lavendar Orpington. The 4 Rexy chicks I'm hoping will hatch out blue or blue laced red, assuming their daddy is Buzz Lightyear, my golden neck Belgian D'uccle. Of course I can't guarantee who dad is, and we will probably get a mix, but that's what makes this fun!


The two purple dot eggs are from Cookie the Silver Laced Wyandotte. If dad is Jazz, chicks should be black. If dad is Buzz, chicks will be blue laced gold.


It will be easy to tell who dad is when they hatch, considering the feathered feet and beards from Buzz. :D

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