Our first three egg day!!!


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
Lincoln, Nebraska
Each of my girls laid an egg today for the first time! One has been going strong for 2 weeks now (my RIR) and we've been waiting on my SLW and Production Red to start. SLW started yesterday and today the Production Red started today.

My RIR started laying when she was 20 weeks exactly. My SLW was 22 1/2 weeks and started 2 days ago (no egg yesterday though) so today was her second egg but they are supposed to have lower egg production than the two red chickens I have so that wasn't a surprise. My Production Red started today they are 2 days from 23 weeks today. I really thought my production red would have been the first one laying but she she was the last one to start which surprised me.

I know how exciting that is!! When the First egg excitement wears off then you start counting how many today? I went from my first 2 egg day to my first 4 egg day skipped 3 altogether. Can't wait to get home tonight!!!!

Now they really are making you breakfast. LOL One egg doesn't go very far.


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