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Sep 2, 2013
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Flock Master:

This is Captain Jack. We lucked out when we found him for free on craigslist. He is one of two roosters that we have. He is a beautiful, prize-winning RIR, and very special to us. He lost an eye in a fight with a fox, who killed one of our two hens. He fought the fox off from the second hen, and probably left him with more than one scar to think about. We were so lucky that he wasn't hurt more. He is the primary rooster of our flock.


First Layer (Get it?)

This is Fern. She was lucky enough to be saved by Captain Jack during the fox fight. She provides us with one egg a day, and is second "in command".


Next in line

This is Puff, our beautiful Buff Orpington hen. She laid her first egg yesterday (9/9/13). Her back might look strange, but where she was before, the roosters beat her up. We are hoping that she will turn into a big, fluffy, soccer ball someday.


At the Bottom:
This is Kevin. Named after the Snipe in the movie Up, it fits in with our chicken gender issues with Kermit (Below). We have doubts about Kevin too, but I am pretty sure that she is a hen. If she isn't, well we don't have to change the name. She is still getting used to people, as she didn't have much exposure at her previous home.


Chickens Past:

Lucky Accident

This is Kermit (formerly Kermie). At first we thought he was a hen, but we recently found out that he was a rooster. We are trying to decide whether or not to keep him, because he might hurt our current rooster veteran further. They seem to get along fine so far, but you never know. We sold him on 9/15/13. Whoever got him will be a lucky person, as he will turn out to be a beautiful rooster, and he will finally have a flock of his own.


We called her Miss Piggy because she had quite the apetite. She was unlucky on the night when the fox attacked. She didn't make it. It was our first chicken death, and didn't go over well. She was the primary hen before the massacre, and was BEAUTIFUL. She was a cinnamon queen hen. We named Kermit after her because Miss Piggy and Kermit were best friends.


And here they all are together (minus Kermit, Kevin and puff)

(Minus Kevin, Miss Piggy, Kermit)

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What a wonderful little flock you have. Sorry you had to lose one to a fox. Captain Jack has certainly earned a place in you heart.

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