Our guinea babies...


12 Years
Mar 1, 2008
Texas Gulf Coast
These are the first Guinea babies that we have ever had. Mom is just a year old and she had three nests this year and predators destroyed all but the last one. In this last nest only 4 of the 17 eggs hatched. Poor Mom was so thin and exhausted by the time she got these 4 babies I captured them and put them all in the brooder until the babies were big enough to fly out and join Mom on their own. Of course Mom wouldn’t leave her babies so that gave her time to rest for a few weeks, gain weight and get her strength back.

This was a learning process for all of us, I’m thinking that next year when she starts trying to nest I may try putting her and the eggs in the brooder to start with and see if she will sit on them there to keep the predators away from her nest.

That’s Mom in the middle, Dad on the right and Uncle Bert on the left. As you can see all the babies look like Dad. It's so cute watching all the adults guarding these babies. If any of the hens or a rooster gets too close to the babies they get attacked by the closest adult.


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