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Jun 4, 2020
My wife Katrina and I have a small two acre homestead in North central Florida and will very soon be adding chickens to our growing little farm.
We are about to start building a chicken tractor and that is what brought us here, we plan on a small flock of about 10-12 Buff Orpingtons for eggs and perhaps meat.
I had a mixed flock of 50 chickens many years ago in Hernando county FL as well as many other farm animals.
Kat still works full time but enjoys growing our homestead in her free time, I am now semi retired and have more time to develop the homestead and chickens is our next step.
We were very happy to have found all of the great information here and look forward to starting our flock.
Thank you for all of the great information.
Ken & Kat


Peace, Love & Chickens ✌️
Mar 22, 2020
Southeastern Pennsylvania
congratulations on being semi retired and living out your homestead dreams! I became a stay at home mom this past year and although it’s a different walk of life than yours it sure is amazing to have time to focus on homesteading. I look forward to seeing you around the threads and hearing what other projects you have planned :)

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