Our nesting box project


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Mar 21, 2015
Hubby sent me this picture the other day from his phone...

We have chickens in our coop/run that will soon need nesting boxes and he saw this beside someone's trashcan and had an "aha" moment. Modify the shelving unit into nesting boxes. Problem was, he drove the car that day, but somehow he managed to get it on the back by himself.

Now the project will unfold, much like so many we have done before. I will have to post pictures of the progress. We intend to make roll out boxes, so some modification will be needed in design as well as color. ;).



Our coop is inside part of the barn, we walled off a section for the girls. The bench in front of the run my Hubby cut from an old downed tree stump that was in our yard when we bought the place. I intend to make a sign out of the scrap left from cutting the bench to the right of the coop door. Just need to figure out what to put on it first.

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