Our new breeding / brooder / grow out pens

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    Apr 18, 2010
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    I'd like to share the breeding pens I just finished. The pens are 6 feet tall 8 feet long and have a 1 foot external nest box on one end. There are hinged panels between the left and right sides, that way we can have 3 2'x8' pens or 6 2'x4' pens depending if we are using it for a breeding pen for a pair/trio or brooding out chicks since we hatch a week apart using 3 incubators in the peak of the hatching season and run out of space separating the different age chicks. They were built with 1/2 plywood and 2x4's ripped in half, there is a 6 inch shavings guard on the front that is covered in hardware cloth.

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  2. Looks real fine from my end.....RR

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