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11 Years
Oct 17, 2008
Tennessee, USA
Since we got our newest babies on April 11th, we've been working on the weekends to build them a coop. When we are finished we plan to introduce our 1 yr. old hens to the new coop and new chicks as well. I'll post elswhere about the best way to go about that, but for now, here are pics of the new coop in progress.

We chose to make it 7'x12', mostly due to the salvaged materials that we had to use. I would have liked to make it even larger, but DH thought this was huge! Of course he thought last's years coop was too big for 5 chickens and it is just 4'x8'x4', raised off the ground 2', with a very low pen that I can't even get in. He just didn't get that I would need to get in to the pen and coop to clean it and possibly access a sick or injured animal, which luckily I haven't had to do. The accessing a sick bird I mean, I have been able to get in the coop itself to clean it with little trouble, just not the pen! He has since learned the error of his ways and the 5 have done ok, but have been a little crowded. You see, their nesting boxes are mounted inside the coop instead of outside, which crowded them as well. That was a whole other discussion.

Anyway, this time I wanted to make sure that there is plenty of room for everyone and have a storage area for food, straw and other needed items in the new coop.

First we chose a spot in the back of the house, next to the coop we built last year.

Then we went into the garage and started construction. The floor framing was done using salvaged 2 x 6s from my step-son's remodel of his downstairs. We had to get a little creative with the layout so that we could get the best use out of the materials we had.

After we put the floor together we hooked it up to DH's mower and hauled it out to the chosen spot. We had the help of my in-law's during some of the construction/moving which was both a help and a hindrance. You know, "too many cooks!".

Once we got it to the spot, DH leveled it up. Here you can get an idea of how far it is from the back of the house and it's location in relation to the old coop.

We added the plywood sub-floor and then layed the vinyl flooring over it and stapled the perimeter.

The plywood for the floor cost about $34 and so did the vinyl, which was the least expensive vinyl that our local Lowe's carried.

That was end of day 1. More to come later.
Day Two:

We trimmed the edges of the vinyl and started framing the walls and roof. I wanted to use the stack of pallets that I had gotten from work, but DH decided they wouldn't be substantial enough, so we made a trip to Lowe's for a stack of 2x4s and a door. He was the main one doing the building, so I had to concede. I'll have to look to see what we spent on the 2x4s.



We added the people door ($116 at Lowe's). I hated to spend that kind of money, but DH insisted that we get a good, metal, exterior door just in case we ever decide NOT to have chickens. Like that is gonna happen! He's as hooked as I am. Then, he reasoned, we could have a secure storage building!

Then the rain started. So we wrapped the whole thing in plastic and put a tarp over the top. Unfortunately, DH tucked the tarp inside the plastic instead of leaving it on the outside, which resulted in the rain running off the tarp, straight into the coop and on to the vinyl. This resulted in the vinyl wrinkling up, which I was sure was going to cause us to have to cut it up and replace it. You can see the wrinkles if you look really close.


It rained and rained and rained and rained and rained some more. We did a little work inbetween the storms, as we were able.

More in a few days. Stay tuned . . .

It's been a while since I updated and we are finished with the big coop, except for a little trim painting that will have to wait until the weather cools off a little and the humidity decreases. Here are some new pictures.

This one is after we got the siding on and a couple of the windows installed and before we started adding the outside pen. The smaller coop on the right is the old coop and we are cleaning it up and raising the height of the outside pen and we will move the bantams and the OEGs into it.

Front before the pop door was put in.


Front after the other window and pop door:

Back pop door and ramp:


My little blue hen demonstrating the proper use of the front door/ramp:
That turned out really nice! I love the old one as well. How much $$ all said and done? It's about the same size we want to do.Right now we have to bend and hunch over in the coop and run. It will be left to the goats...lol
I'm guessing about $1,000 for the coop and pen. I've been planning on pulling out all of the recipts and finding out for sure. I'm hoping it's actually less than $1,000. As soon as I can get a total I'll let you know. I have a small problem with going a little overboard on projects!

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