Our Rooster attacked my son! Now what!?


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We just 'adopted' 4 hens abd a rooster from a friend who no longer had time to care for them. The Rooster and one hen were hand raised, spending their winters in our friends house, watching TV and really being a part of their family. The last couple years the have been out door pets, being normal chickens. The Rooster is/was really nice, granted we have only had them for two days. Everything was going smoothly. Today my son and I were in the pen cleaning up when out of no where the Rooster flew up and Scratched him in the face! Coming very close to his eye. My son was just standing right next to me being quiet looking at the hens. He did have a red jacket on (which I'm now learning is not a good idea) either way he got him pretty good, I'm not sure what to do now, my son is 20 months old and loves helping out, and the hens don't mind him at all. I don't want to exclude him from helping out, but that was a close one and I have no idea if this Rooster is going to do it again
Roosters and kids are not safe together, since roosters can turn on you in an instant, even after having them for a couple of years.

I would not keep the rooster- really - get rid of him pronto!!

Been there done that with blood drawn on one of my kids too from a rooster.

(Of course now that my kids are older, it is different - but you have a little one there.)
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Welcome to BYC!

I am so sorry about your son. X2. Do not keep a mean rooster. This bird is only going to get worse. There are some really nice roosters out there, but there is always a few bad seeds. I would rehome him or send him to the stew pot.

Good luck with this, and I do welcome you to our flock!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Sorry about your son getting hurt, hope he is OK. X3, that rooster needs to go ASAP, they just aren't safe with little kids.
Yeah I agree also to get rid of that rooster. Its been a while since I had chickens but I remember a hen once jumping up and scratching me they have claws that can be dangerous to eyes that's for sure. Glad your little guy is OK!

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