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Apr 16, 2014
Hi! My name's Monica Hartwell. My husband and I have been raising chickens for only two years now. We live in Burlingame, California.
We got our 6 girls a few days old. They are about 2 years now and their breeds are: Ameraucana, Wyandotte (died suddenly on Memorial day weekend last year), Barred Rock, Black Australorp, Buff Orpington, and Red Island Red.
We have been having a very serious situation with one of our Buff Orpington... that it's been going on for about a month now. A month ago I collected an egg without shells, which it was very soft.(WE DO MIX OYSTER SHELLS WITH THEIR FOOD) We took the egg to the store where we get our chickens supplies and we were told to give them vitamins (this is the name of the vitamin that we have been giving them every day since: Electrolyte).
But for some reason our Buff Orpington has been laying egg with a very soft shell, sometimes no shells at all "AT NIGHT"on her sleep.This is been happening for a couple of weeks now, in matter fact it happened last night again. I know it's her….because I see the egg under neath her on roost. We did have her in a cage for a couple of days, but she didn't lay at all.
PLESAE, HELP!!! Any idea why this is been happening? We feel really bad and sad with the situation. What else can we do?
Thanks a lot!! Hope to hear something here soon!! Have a great day everyone!! We appreciate your help!! Monica

Welcome to BYC!

I have a hen with the exact same problem. She will lay shell less eggs, and many times right off the roost bar at night. She will even lay an egg with a shell and then 8 hours later, lay a yolk. I was told by a vet that they need more phosphorus and magnesium to help them convert the calcium in their bodies. I tried adding these things and it did help. But I also found that too much protein will also cause her to lay too frequently and shell less. Too many treats will get the to lay thin or shell less eggs as well. I found the best thing for her was to keep the treats down to a dull roar with her, and keep the protein down as well. I was adding meat to their diet several times a week, but I found that once a week will keep her from laying too many thin or shell less eggs. You can also try different kinds of calcium. I have tried the oyster shell from Manna Pro in the bags marked Pullet Sized. I have tried chipped oyster shell for automatic shell dispensers and I have tried ground cuttle bone. The best calcium was the actual ground shells for the automatic dispensers. This is just oyster shell chips. She does fairly well with this.

Good luck with your hen. Definitely follow the links that Kelsie has provided as they may give you some insight to this as well. Welcome to our flock!
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Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

She may have an issue with her egg-laying mechanism, and adding calcium may or may not help. You do not need to give your bird electrolytes (that is not the same thing as vitamins - electrolytes are mineral ions such as sodium and potassium, which are supplied adequately by a good layer ration).

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