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So during the summer we bought 7 "pullets" four of which turned out to be roosters. We rehomed 2. Ate one - quite the experience after raising it. We still have one rooster. This one was the last to start crowing and no one wanted him on the local classifieds. Looks like he can stay. He is beautiful and quiet. Only crows just a little once or twice in the morning. We might get away with keeping him even though they are against code here. My neighbors don't seem to mind and have reported they don't hear him. The girls don't like him though. They have to roost the furthest way from him. My father wants his feathers for fly tying. He grew up fishing on the Snake River in Idaho and has taught fly tying to scouts.

First he was "Amelia" until he started crowing and now our son has named him Hiccup! That child watches too much "How to train your dragon". Dust makes the rooster sneeze. He reminds me of a wild bird like a hawk because of his coloring. We are all kind of attached to him. The other roosters we got rid of were a Buff, Australorp oh and a Bared Rock that was crowing at 5 wks! The Buff and Australorp were big and very handsome. Hiccup is friendly to us but not a big hit with the ladies.

Here is Stormfly (another dragon name), Hiccup, Pepper, and Thimbal who didn't ever seem to grow until lately. She was so small!.


This is Pepper and Honey. They have been a little lost since we had to get rid of their favorite Roos.

Pepper used to be the top hen because her Rooster was dominant but now she is at the bottom of our first flock.

Honey is so sweet and trusting. If you sit on the bench she has to come roost near you and dosn't mind being picked up. She will sit and talk to you the whole time.

Stormfly is a survior. When we had to get rid of our roosters we purchased her and her sister but they were not accepted by our flock for two months and her sister did not last more than a few days due to the poor treatment. She has been quick to escape the others and always alert. She is very lovely in a wild way. She is cautious as she has had to be to survive.

Thimball has quite the attitude now. She is not so small now.

There is also a stray that first chased out of our yard because who knows where she has been but finally gave up as we can't camp outside all day to chase her away. She joins us everyday and stays until noon or so. She is flighty and will not let us near her. Had to sneek up on her to get her photo. She used to visit our neighbor - they like to watch birds and fed her. But then they decided to cut down a tree and now she stays in which ever yard is the most quiet. She still lays her egg in an un used trash can in their yard every day. She must be a bantam. She can fly and walks around on the top of the privacy fence between the yards. I don't know where she sleeps.
"Guest" Hen. Any Ideas what she is?
"Guest" Hen. Sorry the shot is bad but I can't get near her. Had to zoom in with the camera.

We our second flock is has not integrated yet with our other birds. I don't know how old they are they still peep. They were purchased to replace the roosters. Our birds chase them so they are in the run most of the time unless we can watch them. They have tried to roost with our birds at night but our birds chase them out unless we turn off the light right away. We didn't want to have to turn off the lights as we would like to have eggs soon. We don't want our new birds hurt though.

Ameila one of the babies

"Red" is a baby still but dosen't peep still.

Lemon is very shy with the big birds for good reason but knows we protect the babies so she follows us around and allows us to pick her up. She is already a favorite.

Astrid was missing half her feathers due to molting but our son wanted "That ONE". Her feathers are finally returning everywhere but on her behind.

Cinnamon in the middle here is our last baby- a sex link chick.
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Wow! That's a lot of chickens! And I have to say I have never met a rooster named Hiccup. Too funny!
Yeah we suspected this- our son named it. Haven't figured out a boy name yet. Afraid he might suggest one of the names from How to Train your Dragon like fish legs or snot nose.

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