OUT of Shell But STILL Attached?


9 Years
Jan 6, 2011
Upper Lake, California
The baby pipped towards the bottom of the egg & is finally out of the shell, but is still attached by the belly. I don't see any yolk or blood, just still attached to what was the yolk. The baby is laying on its back on a wash cloth which was used for humidity. Is this ok? Will the baby break free in time? Thanks, ~Julie~
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Ive had this happen before, it looks like they are attached by an umbilical cord. Just leave the duckling be and it will soon break free on its own.
That is normal. When they first hatch out. Just let it go for a while if you have an incubator leave it in there. If not then keep it very warm and humid. The "cord" will shrink up and detach itself. It will eventually dry out. Then ducky will be fine

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