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11 Years
Jun 7, 2009
Ive read a little about killing Chickens. I have never done this and not sure if I want to. Where would I find someone to do this for me? Any idea of how much this will cost per bird ? Im not sure what to look up on the yellow pages? Thanks Scotty
Maybe you could try asking at a local feed store. At my Southern States they have a message board. Maybe they could hook you up with somebody local.

I'll add as an encouragement... I definately didn't want to process my own chickens. It was sheer detemination that got me through it all by myself. I wanted to spare them the stress of being transported elsewhere to be killed and I didn't want them stressed out about a stranger coming to my place to help me. I wanted it to be as low stress as possible. I gave them the best life I could and studied and decided on the best death I could give them.

You can do more than you think you can. You'll make mistakes and learn how to do it better.
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You need to find a chicken processor. I found two numbers when I asked at my local hatchery.

You could ask at the feed stores too.

Ours wanted $2.25 a bird so I am doing them myself. The hassle of driving all of them 60 miles and then paying that was my issue.
It probably is well worth it, but then your savings on raising your own have just gone up.

Anyway, I like to know that I can do it. Pretty messy, the older ones are tough to get through the skin (roosters) so have a good knife.

Good luck either way.
If there's anyone in the phone book, up here (dunno about down there) they'd be under "meat processors, custom".

You'll have much better luck just asking around, though. Ask at all the feedstores in your area -- that is, check their bulletin boards *and* ask the clerk.

It's a lot easier on the chickens to do it yourself at home, though, less scary and stressful for them. And it is really not difficult, there are good step by step guides available (see stickies at the top of the "Meat Birds Etc" section of the forum)

Good luck,

My DH and I did 23 last week by ourselves. I was a little worried as I had only done gizzards when I was a small child. After the first 2 were done, it was fairly easy. DH bled them out and I held them still. After the heads were gone, I was good to go. Kitchen gloves helped alot too. We did 2 at a time. Took a little over 5 hours. I also studied the ideas in the meat bird section alot. People have really good ideas!

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